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Show Your Love For Stara Zagora - Compete in the City Through Your Eyes Art Contest and get your art seen

ЗаВръщане в България invites you to showcase the beauty of Stara Zagora in our exhibition at the "На Зелено" event by sharing your unique perspective through art.

The idea began with our desire to inspire everyone to notice the beauty and potential around them.

Whether you are an artist, illustrator, photographer, or graphic designer - in Bulgaria or abroad - we want to see Stara Zagora through your eyes.

Send your artworks by June 13th to for a chance to have them exhibited at the "На Зелено" and "Реките на града" events in Stara Zagora.

This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the beauty of Stara Zagora and have it seen all over Bulgaria!

Visitors to the exhibition during the "На Зелено" and "Реките на града" events in Stara Zagora from June 21st to 23rd will be able to vote for the best artwork.


About ЗаВръщане в България

ЗаВръщане в България is a resource and community created to make it easier for Bulgarians worldwide to move to Bulgaria and inspire all Bulgarians to contribute to society.

We do this by providing useful resources for returning Bulgarians, building supportive communities in Bulgarian cities with active people who believe in Bulgaria’s potential, and working together with locals to solve challenges at a municipal level.

We love our Bulgarian cities and would like to do whatever is in our capacity to see them be filled with energy, hope, people, and ideas.


About the Contest

Are you passionate about capturing the charm of Stara Zagora through illustrations, art, or photography? Do you have a unique perspective on its streets, landmarks, and everyday life? If so, we invite you to participate in "The City Through Your Eyes."

Share photographs, sketches, or digital artwork showcasing iconic sights, cultural symbols, and hidden gems of Stara Zagora.

Deadline: End of day June 16th

Who Can Participate

The competition is open to artists, illustrators, cartoonists, photographers, and graphic designers of all ages. Participants can be currently living abroad or in Bulgaria. You do not need to be from Stara Zagora; you simply need a meaningful connection to it.

How to Submit

  • Create your art. If it's digital please export it as a .pdf. scan it or

  • Email: Send your submissions to

  • Subject Line: "[NAME OF THE CANDIDATE] - The City Through Your Eyes".

  • Include in the message: Your name, contact information, a short bio (up to 5 sentences), a link to your website/portfolio, and a short description of the idea.

Important Requirements

  • Submission Limit: Up to 2 proposals per candidate.

  • Technical Requirements:

  • Only .jpeg files up to 10 MB per image are accepted. Selected participants will need to send high-resolution images later.

Why Participate?

  • Show Your Vision: Share your unique perspective of Stara Zagora's beauty, culture, and life.

  • Inspire Others: Your work can inspire others to appreciate and cherish the unique aspects of Stara Zagora.

  • Join a Community: Connect with like-minded artists and creatives who appreciate Stara Zagora.

  • Have Your Work Seen: Your work will be displayed at the Rivers of the City event and on the social media channels of ЗаВръщане в България, The Kolektiv, and other partners.


5 artworks will be selected for an open-air exhibition during the "Rivers of the City" event in Stara Zagora, June 21-23. They will also be featured on our website and social media.

From these 5 pieces of art, the attendees from the “Реките на града" event will vote for the winner.  The winner's art will be in our exhibition in the Rivers of Sofia and also get a basket full of local goodies.

Selected works may be printed for promotion with the creators' permission.

The theme of the Exhibition: What Stara Zagora Means to You?

Your artwork should reflect what Stara Zagora means to you. Think about:

  • Personal Connection: How does Stara Zagora inspire you? What emotions does it evoke?

  • Cultural Significance: Are there cultural symbols, landmarks, or traditions you cherish?

  • Everyday Life: What aspects of daily life in Stara Zagora do you find unique?

  • Hidden Gems: Are there lesser-known places that capture the spirit of the city for you?

  • Your Wish or Dream: Share your wish for Stara Zagora. How do you imagine it at its best?

For more information, contact us at

Join us in celebrating the charm and diversity of Stara Zagora through your artistic lens. We look forward to seeing your perspective!


Who is the jury and how will your artwork be evaluated and selected?

The jury includes:

Selection Criteria:

  • Artistic Value

  • Compliance with Competition Conditions

  • Originality and Authenticity

For more information, contact us at

Join us in celebrating the charm and diversity of Stara Zagora through your artistic lens. We look forward to seeing your perspective!


Have any questions?

Feel free to ask any questions and reach out for more information at We are here to help and look forward to seeing your artwork!


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