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Tune in to the Back2Buglaria Podcast for discussions with Bulgarians who have decided to live, grow, and make a difference in Bulgaria

Discover Life in Bulgaria,
One Story at a Time

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Gain a perspective on life in Bulgaria

Wondering if Bulgaria is a good place to live? You’ve come to the right place. Listen to Bulgarians who have actively decided to live in Bulgaria.

What can be improved and how?

Do people feel they have an impact on their community here?

How does life in Bulgaria compare to life abroad?

Why do people move to Bulgaria?

Get inspired with a dose of real talk

Our episodes deal with a variety of topics - starting from culture shock, going through everyday challenges, to discovering unique opportunities

Anes Malkanova at Back2Bulgaria podcast

E02 Brewing Coffee and Business

Why Anes Malkanova Chose to Stay in Bulgaria

Antonia Dimitrova at Back2Bulgaria podcast

E03 Miami to Sofia with Antonia

Transforming Lives through Art and Community in Bulgaria

Bogdan Rizov at Back2Bulgaria podcast

E04 Staying and Making an Impact

Bogdan's Journey From Student to Co-Founder in Bulgaria

Hristomir Hristov at Back2Bulgaria podcast

E07 From The UK & France to Varna

Hristo's Journey into Entrepreneurship and Mentorship


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​Whether you're in Bulgaria or abroad check out the podcast and listen to our

guests' inspiring stories

Share your Back to Bulgaria story

Have you made a return or decided to stay in Bulgaria? Be a guest on our podcast. Share your story, perspective, and the work you're doing to make a difference in Bulgaria.


Let’s discuss and inspire each other with ideas and possibilities!


Who are we?

Katherina Andreeva

Katherina, a Bulgarian who's born and raised in the USA, has always felt a deep connection to Bulgaria. After studying economics in Burgas and Utrecht, she helped Dutch tech startups achieve significant growth. Now, she wants to focus on what feels like her purpose. She’s curious to see what can happen when Bulgarians in Bulgaria who recognize its beauty and potential start to connect, communicate, collaborate, and create. 

Katherina Andreeva

Anna-Maria Andreeva

Anna-Maria is a proud Texan and an even prouder Bulgarian. After graduating from UT Austin, she took a leap of faith, moving from her comfortable Texas home to the unfamiliar Sofia. She’s passionate about diversity and community and believes that good leadership can be the root of real change in Bulgaria.

Anna-Maria Andreeva
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