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We Believe We Can Contribute and Make a Difference in Bulgaria

ЗаВръщане в България is a resource and community created to ease the process for Bulgarians living abroad to move to Bulgaria and inspire everyone in Bulgaria to work together and contribute to our society.

ЗаВръщане в България is created with the belief that every challenge holds an opportunity.

We see more and more Bulgarians abroad wanting to return, and at the same time, that they can their skills and opportunities to make an impact here are growing.

We believe these two processes support each other, creating a unique chance for all Bulgarians to help develop our society.

Listen to stories from Bulgarians who create and do awesome things in Bulgaria

Discover inspiring stories of Bulgarians who have either moved to Bulgarians or have chosen to always stay and made a positive impact.

Miami to Bulgaria: Transforming Lives through Art and Community

Meet Antonia Dimitrova, an interior designer, artist, and community builder. Leaving Miami for Bulgaria, she's dedicated to art, community, and a collaborative future. Initially unexpected, Bulgaria now inspires her work and impact. Antonia discusses her decision to return, her art residency in Bregovo connecting US and Bulgarian artists, and her role in revitalizing Bulgarian cities' rivers through Колективът. Her contagious passion for art's profound impact fuels her commitment to lasting change in Bulgaria.

Podcast Episodes

Stoyan's Decision to Return and Choosing Bulgaria over Germany

Growing up in the Balkan Mountains of Bulgaria, Stoyan decided to study in Germany to explore their growing startup scene. He takes us through his journey from Berlin back to Bulgaria after five years of studying and establishing his own business. Since making Sofia his new home, he's excelling in his business, social life, and health. And yes, he's absolutely thrilled about never having to cook again (yes, it’s possible). He also shares his aspiration to help others return to Bulgaria and uncover life's potential here.

Podcast Episodes

Hristomir Hristov: To the UK and France and Back

From leaving uni in Manchester to chefing in France, and diving into Bulgaria's startup scene – don't miss Hristo's journey! After studying psychology and sociology in Manchester, he shifted gears, honing cooking skills in France. Back in Varna, he joined an entrepreneurship program where Silicon Valley experts reshaped his perspective. Hristo shares stories of mentors, mentees, and his development in Bulgaria.

Podcast Episodes

Hi! We're American-born Bulgarian sisters who've lived worldwide, from the US to Europe. Now back in Bulgaria, we're passionate about promoting our roots despite its imperfections. We see Bulgaria's immense potential and aim to build a community to pursue passions and contribute to its development.

- Katherina and Anna-Maria Andreeva

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📚 To make the move to Bulgaria easier

We are working to be the go-to place for how things work in Bulgaria. Here we will provide comprehensive information and resources for people moving to Bulgaria, covering everything from administrative issues to cultural adaptation. We want to help people integrate and contribute to society.

🤝 To build active communities across Bulgaria

We are creating strong and supportive communities where newcomers can connect with locals and find like-minded people, share ideas, and work on projects that help local development.

💡To create opportunities for impact through a think tank

We are gathering a diverse group of people with different experiences and perspectives from living Bulgarians in Bulgaria and come up with solutions to problems in areas like infrastructure, education, healthcare, culture, and the economy at the local municipal level.

ЗаВръщане в България лого

This is where ЗаВръщане в България comes in

What are our goals?

We want to make it easier for Bulgarians abroad to return and inspire all Bulgarians to contribute to Bulgarian society.

Lack of centralized information:

Many Bulgarians abroad have questions about returning but can't find reliable and comprehensive information.

A need for an active supportive community that sees Bulgaria's potential

More and more Bulgarians are returning and looking for communities where they can share ideas and work together.

Need for creative minds

Bulgaria faces challenges in areas like infrastructure, business, education, and healthcare that need innovative solutions from motivated and creative people.

What Do We See?

Bulgaria is a beautiful country with amazing people and huge potential.

It's no secret that problems exist in Bulgaria, but there is also hope.


Many Bulgarians abroad have questions about returning, and they are already starting to come back and do awesome things with passion.

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